Jun 18th, 2009

People over the age of 35, whose frequency with pizza is declining, said one of the big things that would reignite their passion with the category is to have a pizza made with multigrain crust and an all natural tomato sauce…

Marketers will have a field day with the visual design of their new, half-adopted “The Hut” branding campaign, but I think the real tragedy is Pizza Hut’s focus on financially¬†low-risk (yet brand-volatile) strategies rather than addressing¬†the bigger issues of poor environment and cheap, cut-rate service.

One WalletPop reader explains:

From Randy: “Stop worrying so much about reinventing the American concept of a pizza, give people a clean restaurant, with good service, and good food, and stop trying to force Generation X,Z, or Q or whatever marketing gimmicks on the public.”

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