Nov 29th, 2011

Aaron Mahnke:

I was reading the other day ā€“ on real paper in a real book ā€“ when I felt the urge to get up and refill my water bottle. So I did that ā€“ headed over to the kitchen, filled it up and came back. And as I picked up the book again, it occurred to me that I had forgotten where Iā€™d left off. […] after searching the words on the page and testing my familiarity with them, I came to the conclusion that I had left off in the middle of a paragraph.

This is an interesting piece about the negative impact the internet has had on our general capacity to pay attention. Elementary school implicitly teaches one to respect all knowledge as a cherished commodity, but the internet encourages quickly and ruthlessly cataloging knowledge as relevant or irrelevant to one’s immediate goal.

Like a scientist that ignores any evidence that does not support his hypothesis, I wonder if the freedom of information we enjoy today has encouraged us to search for wisdom only in the areas we expect to find it, overlooking what might be found elsewhere?

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